Terms & Conditions

NewPort B/L Conditions

The NewPort Tank Containers Combined Transport Bill of Lading (NewPort B/L) conditions are exclusively applicable to all our offers, services and activities related to NewPort acting as a carrier.

FENEX Conditions

To all our offers, services and activities which are not covered by the NewPort B/L conditions, including but not limited to forwarding, storage and custom activities, the Dutch Forwarding Conditions of the FENEX (FENEX conditions) apply, including a choice for Dutch Law and the arbitration clause (Article 23), deposited by the FENEX at the Registry of the District Courts at Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, latest version.

Negotiated Rate Arrangement

All rates quoted between USA ports and points and worldwide ports and points comprise a Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA) as described in 46 C.F.R. part 532 and 78 Fed. Reg. 42886 (Jul. 18, 2013).

A copy of the NewPort B/L conditions, FENEX conditions and our NRA will be sent to you free of charge upon first request.
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Newport B/L Conditions BL Conditions
FENEX Conditions FENEX Conditions
NRA Rules NRA Rules